Greenhouse Grow Lights

Greenhouse growers use indoor plant lights to improve vegetables, fruit, and flowers.

Our LED greenhouse lights can improve performance in any situation: propagation, seedling growth, or commercial scale.

The Future of LED Lighting in Greenhouse Crop Production

In recent years, LED lighting has become a game-changer for greenhouse cultivation. Due to the advantages of LEDs and their potential to increase crop yields, traditional lighting methods such as HPS lamps are rapidly being replaced by greenhouse LED grow lights.

The momentum of LED lighting adoption in greenhouse crop production is well-founded for several reasons:

  • According to a recent study, crop yields can be increased by 20-30% when using LED lighting compared to traditional lighting methods.
  • LED lighting can reduce energy consumption by 50% compared to traditional lighting, resulting in significant cost savings for growers.
  • Agricultural experts estimate that LED lighting has the potential to shorten the crop production cycle by 10-30%, accelerating turnover and enhancing profitability.


LED greenhouse grow lighting is designed to emit wavelengths closely resembling the natural sunlight spectrum, and have transformative effects on plant cultivation. This feature not only aids in photosynthesis but also optimizes leaf expansion, promoting healthier and more productive plants. The impact on leaf development is just one aspect of its potential benefits.

With ongoing technological advancements and cost reductions, LED plant lighting is becoming increasingly accessible to growers of various scales.

As growers explore the possibilities of LED greenhouse growing lights, considering factors such as spectrum, intensity, and duration is crucial to maximize its benefits. Each crop has unique requirements, and understanding these subtle differences is key to achieving the desired results. Adjusting the spectrum can shape the desired leaf morphology.

tomato greenhouse

Tomato Greenhouse

grow lights for fruit trees

Dragon Fruit Greenhouse

led grow light for veg and flower

Flower Greenhouse

Cannabis Greenhouse

led grow lights for greenhouse

Cucumber Greenhouse

Greenhouse Grow Lights for Sale

led toplighting

LED Toplighting GB17

Bloom spectrum 5000K, 660nm Red, 730nm

It’s an efficient solution for indoor cultivation of lettuce, leafy greens, and soft fruits in multi-layer systems.

LED Interlighting

LED Interlighting GB18

Bloom spectrum 5000K, 660nm Red, 730nm

Introduce the appropriate PAR light to the correct side of the high-line canopy for maximum impact on your crop.

led grow lights bars gb21

LED Grow Light Bar GB21

Samsung 281B or Taiwan chip 3030 LEDs

It has a unique dual-mode mounting design (hanging/landing handstand) designed to bathe every leaf in abundant light.

lighting for indoor greenhouse

LED Greenhouse Lights GT05

Full spectrum 5000K, 660nm Red, 450nm Blue

Easily switch from HPS to all the benefits of LED overhead lights using your existing HPS setup and grid structure.

greenhouse led grow lights

Greenhouse Lighting GB01

Full spectrum 6800K+660nm+450nm

An LED grows light for light-loving crops. Utilize identical connections for one-to-one HPS substitution.

ufo LED grow light 150w

Indoor Greenhouse Lights UF08

Full spectrum 3000K+5000K+660nm+730nm

During the dark winter, spring, and summer, the top light supplements natural light with artificial light.

grow lamp bulb

Greenhouse Lamp HL03

Specific spectrum, 2800K-3000K

Scientific spectral rationing based on plant characteristics is a great way to improve the results of dragon fruit crops.

led grow lights for greenhouse

Greenhouse LEDs for Vegetables

Are you looking to enhance your business? Our greenhouse grow light systems can help you unlock new potential with ease.

Produce high-quality crops all year round with the top lighting GB17 and the interlighting GB18 for high-line tomatoes and cucumbers, resulting in a more vigorous crop. Our greenhouse LED lighting illuminates the path to remarkable lettuce and leafy greens, elevating their taste, color, and yield to new heights.

GB17 and GB18 are bi-directional inter-lighting modules designed for illuminating tall plants.

Greenhouse LEDs for Fruits

Growing dragon fruits indoors with LED grow lights can transform your crops into a deliciously sweet and fresh bounty.

Our greenhouse lamp HL03 will provide a competitive edge for growing fruit with LEDs in a traditional greenhouse or a vertical farming facility.

Customized lighting is the key to increasing dragon fruit elongation for an earlier harvest.

grow lights for fruit trees
led grow light for veg and flower

Greenhouse LEDs for Floriculture

Ornamental crop growers have the power to transform their crops into something extraordinary with the help of our LED grow lights for greenhouse. Using our technology to improve crop quality and greenhouse climate, they can cultivate a remarkable harvest.

If you want to improve the success rate of your potted plants, get larger flowers and higher yields of cut flowers, or grow multiple crops of perennials in a year, our commercial greenhouse grow lights can help you achieve your goals.

The GB01 and GT05 let you switch from HPS to LED top lighting using your existing setup and lattice structure.

custom greenhouse led grow light

We will help you to get the right product, get higher yields, and expand to a wider market.

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