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Desktop Grow Light

Item Number: SD06

Elevate your plant care game with our halo-design desktop grow light – a botanical marvel designed for small plants that deserve the best. 

Experience the convenience of the built-in timer, effortlessly managing your plant’s light exposure even when life gets busy. It isn’t just an accessory; it’s a game-changer for your green companions.

2 in 1 Garden Lighting

Its aesthetically pleasing halo makes it a great plant light and home decoration, perfect for any desk or living room.

Full Spectrum Lighting

This LED grow light contains a full spectrum chip, making it ideal for supplementing indoor houseplant lighting.

Ideal for Small Plants

It is perfect for small potted plants such as succulents, geraniums, orchids, herbs, sage, floral plants, and so on.

10 Dimming Levels

This desktop plant grow light has 10 brightness settings (from 10% to 100%), allowing you to adjust the brightness.

8/12/16 Timer

It comes with a built-in timer that has three settings: 8, 12, and 16 hours. You don't have to worry about turning it on or off.

Height Adjustable

This small desktop grow light has a telescopic pole (6.5-24 inches) that can be adjusted to vary the height of the plant growth.

Product Video

desktop grow light with timer

All Worked Fine Out of the Box. The Height and Timer are Adjustable.

Once you turn on a timer (8, 12, or 16 hours), the light turns on at the same time every day without user input and stays on for whatever you selected for the timer function.

This feature is especially convenient for those with busy lifestyles, ensuring your plants receive the care they need even when you’re away.

Good for Smaller Plants.

Even if your geranium accompanies you on vacation, it will still bloom profusely with the help of this little light!

Great for lighting plants and succulents in small dark corners. It also is a great way to help grass grow to the length needed for the grass to be edible for the cat.

desktop plant grow light
desktop LED grow light

You May Need to Stabilize the Fixture.

For shallow pots or plants with loose soil, you’ll need some work to stabilize the tabletop plant grow light, and it may be worth putting the lamp in a few inches deep to make it sturdy.

You can also use some pebbles to help keep the light in place and place it near the pot, or secure it with clips/tape.

Remarkable Fill Light Effect

We are pleased to receive feedback that African Violets have started to flower again after only 2two weeks of use.

This desktop grow light with timer keeps his rosemary “Christmas tree” thriving.

This little halo worked wonders: the sick and constantly defoliated croton plant stopped losing its leaves after a month and grew new shoots.

small desktop grow light

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