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Cannabis Grow Lights

Perfect for Cannabis Growing

When it comes to cannabis cultivation, that’s where the commercial grow lighting series shines. Samsung and Osram LEDs deliver exceptional performance in commercial settings. 

Horticulture Grow Lights

Ideal for Vertical Farming

Designed with vertical farming in mind, the bar-style horticulture grow light series is the solution you’ve sought in commercial cultivation. Expect a remarkable 30% increase in yield.

Greenhouse Grow Lights

Great for Hydroponic Greenhouses

Switching from HPS to LED grow lights has never been easier, and the greenhouse lighting series is here to make it happen. This series unlocks new opportunities for greenhouse growers.

LED Grow Light Panels

Designed for Home Growers

For a home grower, simplicity and effectiveness matter. The grow light panels boast a compact and slim design that’s a breeze to install. It’s perfect for tents and grow racks.

LED Tube Grow Lights

Perfect for Indoor Plants

Discover the pinnacle of tailored lighting for plant stands, vertical farming, and hydroponic cultivation with our LED tube grow lights. They are crafted to optimize conditions.

Grow Light Controller

LED Grow Lighting Controller

Our controller is the best option for regulating lighting and saving energy. You can completely control the growing environment with dynamic dimming.

UFO Grow Light

Designed for Grow Tent

Elevate your grow tent planting with our UFO Plant Light, designed for optimal spectrum and intensity, ensuring robust and healthy plant growth.

Clip-on Grow Light

Designed for Home Growers

Illuminate your small potted plants precisely using our clip-on grow lights, a compact and versatile solution for targeted fill light and promoting lushness.

Desktop Grow Light

Designed for Home Growers

Experience efficient and stylish plant lighting with our tabletop grow light, perfect for small potted plants, delivering the ideal fill light.

Customize Your Plant Lights

We will help you to get the right product, get higher yields, and expand to a wider market.

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What We Can Do For You

Cost Savings, Profit Boost

Unlock savings on purchases, increasing profits and allowing for reinvestment in your business.

Continuous Innovation

Continuous product innovation ensures that you have access to the latest technological advances.

Customization from the Start

Enjoy the convenience of one-piece customization right from the start of our partnership.

Boost Your Brand

Strengthen your brand’s market presence and reputation with our exceptional OEM and ODM services.

5 Years Warranty

You can rest with our unbeatable 5-year warranty and hassle-free replacement service.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Our environmentally conscious production methods and materials minimize our impact on the environment.

Customer References

Read our customer success stories to see how we helped redefine nature’s potential.

Cannabis Nursery Room

A Cannabis Nursery Room in Thailand

Despite the compact size, the impact of our grow light panels highlights their critical role in optimizing the early stages of cannabis cultivation, ultimately setting the stage for a bountiful harvest.

Vertical Cannabis Farming

A Vertical Cannabis Farm in the US

If you need our commercial grade plant lights to enhance your vertical farming endeavors, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with our expertise and lighting solutions.

commercial fodder system

A hydroponic fodder farm in china

The low-light hydroponic fodder can work well on the farm using our LED grow light tubes. This demonstrates the adaptability of plants and the potential for innovative agriculture.


Maximize yields, energy efficiency, and plant health.

13 Years Experience

We bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every product we create.

Competitive Prices

We offer competitive prices, making them accessible to all of our customers.

Customized Service

Your unique needs matter to us. We provide customized services to meet your needs.

R&D Capability

We invest continuously in research and development to bring you cutting-edge solutions.

Continuous Innovation

Our focus on innovation ensures that our products stay relevant and productive.

Customer-Centered Team

Our team is here for you. Rapid responses to any issues you may have.

Our Customized Services


We are honored to have the expertise and resources to provide OEM and ODM services, including different wavelengths, intensities, color temperatures, and appearance. Whether you’re growing vegetables, flowers, or herbs, our LED grow lights provide the perfect spectrum of light for photosynthesis and growth.


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