About Us

We are a dynamic and innovative LED grow lights manufacturer
with R&D, production and sales.

Our Story

From 2010 to 2016, we exported high-quality LED car lights to Europe and North America, collaborating with brands such as Bragan and Sunfox.

We proudly established our research and development team for LED grow lights in 2017. Our highly skilled team of five engineers, all holding master’s degrees or higher, are fully committed to designing and developing cutting-edge horticultural lighting products.

From 2018 to 2020, a range of plant light products was introduced, including cannabis grow lights, grow light panels, bar-style grow lights, clip-on grow lights, and greenhouse top lighting series. These products are designed for various scenarios, such as indoor home growing, hydroponics, greenhouse cultivation, and vertical farming.

In 2021, the shipping industry has been struggling with the effects of COVID-19, leading to an increase in freight prices. However, we are committed to meeting our customer’s needs and have developed detachable and foldable plant lights that perform exceptionally well. 

Our innovative approach has resulted in a significant reduction of over 50% in packaging volume, which has enabled our customers to save more than 50% on transportation costs.

Since 2022, we have been committed to continuous learning, research, and innovation, upgrading our machinery and customization capabilities to meet the evolving needs of our diverse clientele.

What We Can Do For You

Cost Savings, Profit Boost

Unlock savings on purchases, increasing profits and allowing for reinvestment in your business.

Continuous Innovation

Continuous product innovation ensures that you have access to the latest technological advances.

Customization from the Start

Enjoy the convenience of one-piece customization right from the start of our partnership.

Boost Your Brand

Strengthen your brand’s market presence and reputation with our exceptional OEM and ODM services.

5 Years Warranty

You can rest with our unbeatable 5-year warranty and hassle-free replacement service.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Our environmentally conscious production methods and materials minimize our impact on the environment.

Our Customized Service

We serve a diverse plant cultivation customer base, including dealers, retailers, distributors, 

online stores, and purchasing agents specializing in plant lighting.

spectrum design


We know you value customizing your spectrum selection to match your plants’ needs.



Customizing your exclusive products can make a business stand out and attract more customers.

logo design


Personalize your experience by customizing LED fixtures with your own logo or branding colors.

packaging design


Customized packaging can improve the consumer experience and reinforce brand identity.

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