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LED Replacement for 1000W HPS

Item Number: GT05A08R

We are launching the 800W LED replacement for 1000W HPS, an alternative to the traditional 1000W HPS fixture and a replacement for the Gavita.

It is widely used in the EU to supply large pharmacy cultivation rooms.

As it emits less heat and a wider, more plant-friendly spectrum, it resembles sunlight and benefits cultivation. This greatly increases flower yield and quality, increasing terpene production. All this results in a significant saving of 20% in electricity consumption.

20% Higher Efficiency

This 800w LED grow light is 20% more efficient than HPS lamps, making it an optimal choice for anyone looking to save their wallets.

Amazing Uniformity

Due to the wide-angle high-efficiency lenses, the fixture is highly suitable for hybrid installations where a wide beam provides optimal uniformity.

Easy Installation

The LED's compact design allows it to be installed into any standard HPS setup, making it simple to convert your HPS unit to LEDs.

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Item Number





790mm x 350mm x 165mm

Fixture Weight

15.8 kg


Osram and Samsung LEDs


Inventronics LED Driver


Full spectrum 5000K, 660nm Red, 450nm Blue


1960 µmol/s


2.45 µmol/J

Lighting Coverage

5×7ft /1500mm×1500mm


Knob dimmer + RJ14 Port


LED Replacement for 1000w HPS - PPFD Distribution

GT05 PPFD 45cm
GT05 PPFD 60cm
GT05 PPFD 120cm
LED replacement lamps for hps

Do You Know the Meaning of 1:1?

Elevate your garden’s illumination by transitioning from HPS to LED with our cutting-edge 800W LED grow light, the GT05.

With its 1:1 compatibility and compact design, upgrading to this new light is a breeze. You won’t have to worry about any extra expenses or hassle because you can effortlessly install it in the exact location where your original HPS light hangs.

This feature ensures a seamless transition to your new light, allowing you to enjoy its benefits without any inconvenience.

This grow light is specifically designed to be a replacement for the HPS Lamp.

LEDs are now being used in place of HPS light sources due to their increased efficiency, lower heat emission, and spectral optimization for crops.

Our 800W LED grow light replaces 1000W HPS units, increasing yields, improving quality, and saving up to 20% energy.

It concentrates blue and red wavelengths, with a higher proportion of blue wavelengths compared to HPS, increasing secondary metabolites. With a wide range of wavelengths, the uniform distribution of light ensures consistent crop quality and yield.

best 800w led grow light
LED replacement for hps lamps

Robust and Easy to Clean

The cannabis grow light GT05 can withstand the most challenging growing environments. It is compact, durable, and easy to clean. It is easier to handle, reposition, and operate than bar-style LED grow lights.

The rugged design is complemented by high-quality components that provide high-end performance you can count on.

Achieve Higher Yields

Our LED grow light boasts a beam angle that is comparable to that of HPS fixtures, making it a suitable alternative for growers who are looking to replace their current lighting system.

By switching to our LED grow light, you can expect to reduce your power consumption significantly while increasing the output of your plants.

Additionally, our LED grow light is designed to maintain uniformity in terms of the distribution of light across your plants, ensuring that each of them receives an equal amount of light for optimal growth.

Our Customized Service

We serve a diverse plant cultivation customer base, including dealers, retailers, distributors, 

online stores, and purchasing agents specializing in plant lighting.

spectrum design


We know you value customizing your spectrum selection to match your plants’ needs.



Customizing your exclusive products can make a business stand out and attract more customers.

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Personalize your experience by customizing LED fixtures with your own logo or branding colors.

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Customized packaging can improve the consumer experience and reinforce brand identity.

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