Commercial LED Grow Lights

Maximize yields, energy efficiency, and plant health.

Our commercial LED grow lights are suitable for cannabis grows, vertical farms, greenhouses, and hydroponic grows.

Why Grow with Commercial LEDs

With the entry of new markets and competitors, growers face price compression, rising energy costs, and shifts in consumer patterns as they pursue greater profitability.

Once considered unproven and economically unfeasible, energy-efficient light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have become an indispensable cost-saving component for many commercial growers to control the growth environment.

According to a report from Cannabis Business Times, in 2023, 76% of the survey participants reported using LEDs for vegetative growth, marking a 59 percentage point increase from 2016.

Participants using fluorescent lights accounted for 29%, but this technology saw an 8 percentage point decrease compared to 2016. The proportion of participants using HPS lights was 15%, showing a decline of 16 percentage points from 2016.

Plans indicate a greater shift for those not using LED lighting or supplemental lighting: 38% of participants stated that they plan to use LEDs in the next cannabis flower cycle, while another 23% are considering the adoption of LEDs.

Explore Our Commercial Grow Lights Collection

Bring your indoor garden to life, year-round, with our LED grow lights. Perfect for beginners and experienced growers.

Explore our collection to find the perfect LED grow light for your specific needs. We offer a variety of sizes, wattages, and designs to accommodate different grow spaces and plant types. 

led grow lights for cannabis

LED Cannabis Lighting

Are LED lights good for growing cannabis?

Increased Yield:
Customizable light spectrums for different growth stages.
Optimizes photosynthesis for healthier plants and higher yields.

Aroma and Flower Development:
The UV light increases the scent of flowers.
Precise wavelength adjustments promote better flower development and resin production.

Environmental Stability:
Emits less heat than traditional lights.
Reduces the need for extensive cooling systems.
Minimizes the risk of heat-related stress on plants.

Power Consumption:
Energy efficient conversion of energy into usable light.
Lower electricity bills for growers.
Cost-effective choice in the long run.

Vertical Farming Lighting

What lights are used in vertical farming?

For vertical marijuana cultivation, bar-style commercial grow lighting is commonly utilized. These lights are designed to provide a uniform and full spectrum, promoting photosynthesis and healthy plant development in a vertically stacked configuration.

Bar-style LEDs are favored for their versatility and adaptability to the vertical layout.

These bar-style grow lights, a great lighting solution, play a crucial role in maximizing space efficiency and promoting healthy plant growth in vertical farming setups.

led commercial grow lights
led grow light for veg and flower

LED Greenhouse Lighting

Do greenhouses need grow lights?

Whether greenhouses need to grow lights depends on the local climate and the types of plants being cultivated.

  • In areas with abundant sunlight, especially during the plants’ natural growing seasons, greenhouses can utilize natural light to promote plant growth.
  • However, in regions with limited sunlight, coupled with unpredictable weather, challenges of food shortages, and growing market demand, LED grow lights become indispensable.

Combining greenhouses with LED grow lights is a forward-thinking and adaptive agricultural approach. This combination enables regions to enhance agricultural resilience and promote local food security.

LED Hydroponic Lighting

What are the best grow LED lights for hydroponics?

There is no universal “best” light, but finding the most suitable option for the given context.

For commercial hydroponics focused on leafy vegetables, LED grow light tubes are ideal for large-scale vertical hydroponic setups.

To fruiting vegetables, a combination of overhead lights and interlighting proves to be highly effective. This setup ensures that the plants receive sufficient light from both above and within the canopy.

When it comes to cannabis cultivation, bar-style plant lights and LED grow light panels are considered the best choice. These lights are designed to meet the specific light spectrum requirements of marijuana plants.

led grow lights for hydroponics

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