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Main Product Series

We understand that every plant has unique lighting requirements for optimal growth. That’s why we offer a wide range of LED grow lights that cater to your specific needs.

Our standard sizes are designed to meet the needs of most plants, but we also offer customization options to ensure that the lighting is perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Light Spectrum Advantages

The best LED grow lights deliver spectra designed to optimize the performance of your crops. They enable you to target plants with different wavelengths at different stages of plant development to achieve the desired reactions.

Blue Light

  • Decreases stretching
  • Facilitates branching and compact vegetative growth
  • Enhances color and increases production of antioxidants and vitamins

Green Light

  • Increases light penetration into canopy
  • Promotes photosynthesis within canopy layers
  • Facilitates leaf health and development

Red Light

  • Increases stem and shoot growth
  • Drives photosynthesis and stimulates biomass accumulation
  • Facilitates germination, rooting and development (when balanced with blue light)

Far-Red Light

  • Regulates flower development
  • Increases light penetration into canopy
  • Promotes stem and leaf expansion and reduces side branching
The advantage of intelligent LED grow lights is that they produce light at specific wavelengths chosen to match the needs of plants. So instead of converting electricity into a limited-spectrum light source, which is a downside of HPS lamps, LED grow lights put the energy into the wavelengths that matter most for driving your desired crop outcomes.
led grow lights for cannabis

Cannabis Lighting Series

Our cannabis grow lights series is trusted by growers worldwide. They are designed with installation in mind. Discover their carefully crafted spectrum, energy-efficient design, and customizable options. 

Click and discover why they are the favored pick for growers.

Vertical Farming Lighting Series

Dive into the world of our highly-praised grow lights for vertical farming, a favorite among indoor cannabis and vertical growing enthusiasts. 

Discover why this series has earned a loyal following and how it can elevate your cannabis cultivation game.

led commercial grow lights
led grow light for veg and flower

Greenhouse Lighting Series

Greenhouse growers prefer to grow light bars for producing healthy leafy greens, flowers, and abundant fruiting vegetables. 

Click and learn why it is the go-to choice for achieving outstanding yields in your greenhouse.

Hydroponic Lighting Series

Join the ranks of hydroponic growers and indoor vertical farming enthusiasts who have experienced the transformative power of the LED grow light tubes. 

See how it can propel your yields and plant health to new heights.

led grow lights for hydroponics

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