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Welcome To LED Grow Light Customized Program​

We are a quality manufacturer of OEM / ODM services for the LED plant grow light industry, providing customized solutions 

to companies creating their brand of LED plant grow lights to help them achieve their sustainability goals.

spectrum design


We know you value customizing your spectrum selection to match your plants’ needs.



Customizing your exclusive products can make a business stand out and attract more customers.

logo design


Personalize your experience by customizing LED fixtures with your own logo or branding colors.

packaging design


Customized packaging can improve the consumer experience and reinforce brand identity.

Customize Your Plant Lights

We will help you to get the right product, get higher yields, and expand to a wider market.

led growing light factory

Why Partner with Us?

Quality: A good product will enhance your brand’s reputation for quality and performance.

Customization: Various customization options are available to match your brand’s unique style.

Expertise: Our team has rich know-how in LED technology and horticultural lighting.

Reliability: We utilize strict quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process.

Customization Process

Consultation: We’d love to hear your ideas, requirements, and specifications and share our advice.

Design: The experienced designers will create a sample product design that matches your needs.

Production: Once the design is approved, we will source high-quality materials and craft them to completion.

Packaging: The branding, labeling, and packaging choices are perfect for aligning with your brand image.

Related Cases

Strengthening the spectrum of cannabis growth stages

Growth Period: Full Spectrum + Enhanced Blue
Flower Period: Full Spectrum + Enhanced Red
Before Harvest: FullSpectrum + Enhanced Red + UV

custom grow lights

The bottom of cannabis plants also get red light

This LED grow light bar was intended to provide red light to the bottom of large cannabis plants during the flowering period.

custom led grow lights

perfect for cannabis plant bottom lighting

The grow light panel better stuck in the middle of the plant is to make the bottom of the plant also receive the light evenly.

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