LED Linear Grow Lights

Item Number: GB01

Focusing on simplicity, efficiency, and superior design, our LED toplighting solution meets the diverse needs of growers.

Meant for high-bay growing environments, it serves as an all-encompassing top lighting solution suitable for both indoor supplemental and commercial single-source grow lighting applications.

UP to 2.7 μmol/J

With an impressive efficacy of 2.7 μmol/J, this light optimizes plant growth while consuming minimal power, ensuring efficient energy use.

Samsung and Osram LEDs

Equipped with Samsung and OSRAM LEDs, these linear LED grow lights excel in commercial cultivation, ensuring optimal performance.

World-Class Driver

World-class Meanwell and Inventronics drivers are adopted to ensure excellent performance and stable reliability.

Minimum Shadow

Due to the compact design of the driver, as well as its linear design, there will be minimal shadow cast on plants.

Easy Installation

Designed with simplicity, the long LED grow fixture offers easy setup, allowing for swift and trouble-free installation.

Multiple Spectrums

Choose from multiple spectra tailored for different growth stages and plant types, meeting the unique needs of your crops.

Shadow Elimination and Even Light Distribution

Its standout feature is shadowless lighting, which ensures that every plant, regardless of its position, thrives in consistent and even light.

Bulk LED Linear Grow Light Orders

Versatile Applications for Various Growing Environments

Ideal for greenhouse cultivation, commercial growing, and hydroponic setups, offering comprehensive lighting solutions for diverse indoor growing needs.






Lights Chainable

Linear Grow Lights for Commercial Farms

linear led grow lights

Item Number: GB01A03R

Power: 320W

Full spectrum 3000K+5000K + 660nm

Dimension: 575 × 80 × 100 mm

Driver: Meanwell LED driver

PPF: 870 μmol/s

Efficacy: 2.7 μmol/J

Lighting Coverage:1250mm × 800mm

Linear LED Top Light

Item Number: GB01A06R

Power: 640W

Full spectrum 6800K+660nm+450nm

Dimension: 1150 × 80 × 100 mm

Driver: Inventronics LED driver

PPF: 1780 μmol/s

Efficacy: 2.7 μmol/J

Lighting Coverage:2500mm × 1600mm

full spectrum

LED Linear Grow Light PPFD Distribution

Test in A 5x5 ft Grow Tent

640W PPFD in 6 inch


640W PPFD in 12 inch


640W PPFD in 18 inch


640W PPFD in 24 inch


Customized Services for Your Unique Needs

Custom-tailored commercial LED grow light bar solutions for commercial farms – Illuminating growth, optimizing productivity. Our services are designed to be customized to meet the diverse requirements of your farming projects.

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