standing grow lamp

Standing Grow Light

Item Number: GB19

Our floor-standing grow light has revolutionized indoor gardening by eliminating the limitations of top-down lighting systems.

The side lighting ensures that all plants receive maximum light exposure, regardless of their position within the structure.  Our tall plant LED light GB19 ensures equal light distribution, promoting healthy plant growth.

Effective Spectrum

The full spectrum is equipped with a 660nm that ensures plants receive a balanced light source, providing the energy necessary for plant health.

Side Illumination

This standing indoor garden light provides side lighting, which ensures a more even distribution of the lower side of the leaves.

Ideal for Houseplants

Ideal for growing large and tall houseplants such as tropical plants, foliage plants, ornamental plants, bonsai trees, miniature gardens, etc.

Tripod Stand

A tripod stand that provides stability and even weight distribution, minimizing the risk of the fixture tipping over.

Foot Switch

Foot switches provide a practical and user-friendly way, simply depress or release the pedal with your foot to control the lighting.

Easy Assembly

The simple construction of the light makes it easy to assemble. Its simple, elegant design will fit perfectly into any home decor.

led grow light stand
vertical grow lights stand

To ensure the best development of indoor plants, it is necessary to give special attention to side lighting. The traditional approach of providing lighting only from the top results in the upper parts of the plants receiving more light than the lower sections, leading to uneven growth.

Our vertical grow light stands out from the rest by including side lighting. It is designed to evenly distribute light throughout the indoor garden, ensuring every level of the plant structure receives the necessary light for optimal photosynthesis.

Floor Standing Grow Light

standing grow lights

Item Number: GB19

Power: 42W

Lamp Length: 1.2m / 47.25″

Color: Black

Shape: Cylinder

Material: Aluminum, Polycarbonate (PC)

Light Source Type: LED

Power Source: AC

Net Weight: 1 kg

Included Components: ‎Tripod

In addition to the regular 1.2m, we are working on 1m and 1.5m. If you are interested, please contact us for the latest news!

plant grow light stand

Side Illumination for More Even Light

The standing grow lamp’s side lighting improves plant growth by minimizing shadows and promoting uniform growth throughout the plant structure.

Effective Spectrum for Plant Growth

With a high output of 42 watts and up to 169 LEDs, this full-spectrum light provides a balanced source of energy necessary for plant growth.


Tripod Stand Keeps Fixture Balanced

Tripod stands can provide stability, even weight distribution and a secure base for LED grow lights, minimizing the risk of tipping or swaying.

Foot Switch Frees Up Your Hands

Press or release the floor-based plant lighting button with your foot. It’s beneficial when your hands are busy gardening or when you don’t want to bend over or reach for a manual switch.

grow lights with stand

Packing List

1 x LED light bar
3 x Cable ties
1 x Allen wrench S4
1 x Foot pedal
1 x Tripod
1 x Power plug
1 x User manual

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