floor stand grow light

Standing Grow Light

Item Number: SD19

Our floor-standing grow light has revolutionized indoor gardening by eliminating the limitations of top-down lighting systems.

The side illumination ensures that all plants receive maximum light exposure, regardless of their position within the structure. Side lighting shines on the leaves to better promote leaf growth.

They are energy-efficient, easy to use, and durable, making them the perfect choice for home gardeners to grow plants indoors.

Effective Spectrum

The full spectrum is equipped with a 660nm that ensures plants receive a balanced light source, providing the energy necessary for plant health.

Side Illumination

This standing indoor garden light provides side lighting, which ensures a more even distribution of the lower side of the leaves.

Ideal for Houseplants

Ideal for growing large and tall houseplants such as tropical plants, foliage plants, ornamental plants, bonsai trees, miniature gardens, etc.

Tripod Stand

A tripod stand that provides stability and even weight distribution, minimizing the risk of the fixture tipping over.

Foot Switch

Foot switches provide a practical and user-friendly way, simply depress or release the pedal with your foot to control the lighting.

Easy Assembly

The simple construction of the light makes it easy to assemble. Its simple, elegant design will fit perfectly into any home decor.

led grow light stand
vertical grow lights stand

To ensure the best development of indoor plants, it is necessary to give special attention to side lighting. The traditional approach of providing lighting only from the top results in the upper parts of the plants receiving more light than the lower sections, leading to uneven growth.

Our vertical grow light stands out from the rest by including side lighting. It is designed to evenly distribute light throughout the indoor garden, ensuring every level of the plant structure receives the necessary light for optimal photosynthesis.

standing LED grow light spectrum

Item Number









1000 x 32 x 32 mm

1200 x 32 x 32 mm

1500 x 32 x 32 mm

Full Spectrum





Samsung Osram LEDs

Samsung Osram LEDs

Samsung Osram LEDs

Bracket Height

11 cm

11 cm

11 cm

Input Voltage








Aluminum Cover

Foot Switch

Full Spectrum Lighting

Tripod Stand

led growing light stand

Benefits of Side Lighting for Plants

Illuminate your plants from all angles with our cutting-edge side lighting technology.

Uniform Growth: Side lighting eliminates shadows, providing consistent light exposure to every leaf and stem.

Enhanced Photosynthesis: Maximize the efficiency of photosynthesis with comprehensive light coverage, boosting your plant’s vitality.

Optimal Canopy Penetration: Reach deep into the plant canopy, encouraging growth at every level and preventing underdeveloped areas.

Is this floor standing grow light stable?

Our floor-standing plant light is designed with a triangular-shaped stand specifically engineered to enhance stability.

The triangular configuration ensures an even weight distribution across the base, significantly reducing the risk of tipping or swaying.

This design choice provides a secure and reliable foundation for the fixture, offering peace of mind for users concerned about the stability of the plant stand grow light.

When propped open, the bracket has a certain footprint, so try to avoid your lovely pets getting close enough to knock over the fixture.

standing LED grow light
tall grow light stand

Unlocking the Benefits of the Footswitch for Ultimate Your Convenience

Our grow light fixture stand comes with a built-in footswitch, redefining how you interact with your indoor garden.

Hands-Free Operation: Say goodbye to bending over or reaching for switches. The footswitch allows you to effortlessly control the lighting without using your hands, providing unmatched convenience.

Enhanced Accessibility: Ideal for users of all ages and abilities, the footswitch design promotes accessibility, ensuring everyone can enjoy the pleasures of indoor gardening.

Effortless On/Off: Instantly turn your standing LED grow light on or off with a simple tap of your foot. 

Do houseplants benefit from artificial light?

Diversity of Species: Using artificial light allows for the cultivation of a wider variety of plant species indoors. Many plants have specific sunlight requirements, and artificial lighting can provide the necessary spectrum and intensity to support the growth of sun-loving plants.

Aesthetic Enhancement: Adequate lighting not only supports plant growth but also enhances the visual appeal of plants. Properly illuminated plants tend to look healthier, with vibrant colors and well-defined features.

Atmospheric Impact: Different lighting setups can create specific moods and ambiance. This can be especially important for indoor gardens or spaces where the visual appeal of plants adds to the overall decor.

standing grow lights for plants

What Our Customers Are Saying

Jonathan Borba
Jonathan BorbaCustomer
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It's SUPER bright, and covers a really large area. I have it right in front of my monstera and fiddle leaf fig. After about 1.5 months of use, the two of them are finally putting out new leaves after 6 months of no growth. It also shines on some of my smaller plants who seem to be reacting well to the additional light. I do wish it had a timer, but it's no big deal for how well it works.
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If you have large or tall plants this is just the ticket. The stand is very clever and sturdy. It will be easy to stash after winter when the plants all go outside. If you are going to hang them horizontally there are more economical options. This one's value is in its vertical stance to light up a collection.
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This is the perfect solution for plants that don’t fit in a greenhouse. My plants are absolutely loving this light!
Read More
Nice, simple design will fit into most home decors if used to help houseplants. It seems well made and it was well packaged for shipping. The other strip plant lights I have purchased from them all work well.

What's in the box?

standing grow light accessories

1 x LED Light Bar
1 x Foot Pedal
1 x Tripod
1 x Power Plug
1 x User Manual

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