LED Quantum Board Grow Lighting

Item Number: VG08

Innovative Masterpiece: Green Technology, Making Every Life Thrive in Radiance.

We proudly present our 360W Quantum Board Grow Light, an integration of efficiency, intelligence, and aesthetics, custom-tailored for your green kingdom!

Whether you’re a professional horticulturist or an urban farmer, this product is invaluable for nurturing your plants.

Quantum Board Grow Lighting

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Item Number




LED Source

Samsung 281B or Taiwan chip 3030 LED diodes (Optional: Samsung LM301B, 301H)


Orange (Colours can be customised)


Full spectrum 3000K, 5000K, 660nm and UV & IR

Input Voltage

100V~277V AC, PF>0.98

Power Supply

Meanwell LED Driver


Dimmer Box & RJ14 Port


980 x 250 x 80 mm



quantum board led grow lights

Core Technology, Exceptional Choice

Introducing the 360W all-round plant growth companion! Featuring Samsung 281B or Taiwan-made 3030 LED chips (with premium options: Samsung LM301B, 301H), each diode is meticulously selected to ensure pure light emission and ample energy, providing an environment for photosynthesis that closely mimics nature.

Smart Dimming, Effortless Control

Incorporating a dimming box with an RJ14 port, adjusting light intensity is effortless, catering to diverse plants’ needs across various growth stages. This smart management makes plant cultivation more intuitive than ever.

china quantum board grow light

Quantum Board Design, Unmatched Heat Dissipation

Orange symbolizes vitality and highlights our quantum board design. Backed by efficient aluminum fin heat sinks, it ensures cool operation even after prolonged use, prolonging lifespan and safeguarding efficient photosynthesis every moment.

Instant Installation, Flexible Mounting

With included hanging kits, setup is swift and easy. Effortlessly suspend in grow tents, home gardens, greenhouses, or any cultivation area. The quantum board’s sleek dimensions ingeniously integrate into any setting, conserving space while illuminating every plant’s aspirations.

Quantum Board Grow Lighting

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