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Indoor LED grow light

Item Number: FC09

This LED indoor grow light is engineered with a core focus on flexibility and productivity, and introduces a detachable design that redefines the standard in indoor cultivation technology.

By offering a compact yet powerful solution, the FC09 Series addresses the need for uniform light distribution, space optimization, simplified installation, effective heat dissipation, and intelligent connectivity in the field of LED plant lighting.

UP to 2.7 μmol/J

Experience the incredible power of these indoor plant lights, with a remarkable PPE of up to 2.7 μmol/J, maximizing photosynthetic efficiency.

Full Spectrum

Utilizing a full spectrum of 3000K, 5000K, and 660nm in commercial indoor plant lighting ensures comprehensive coverage for all growth stages.


SOSEN Driver offer exceptional reliability and energy efficiency, ensuring consistent and long-lasting performance while minimizing operational costs.

IP 65 Rating

Rest assured that our indoor grow lights boast an IP65 waterproof coating, rated to provide unwavering protection against dust and water.

Detachable Bar

The detachable light bar design offers convenient maintenance. You can easily replace or upgrade individual bars. Simplify transportation and storage.

Product Certification

The FC09 Series has surpassed rigorous assessments, securing prestigious certifications, including UL, CE, ETL, LVD, SAA, and ROHS.

Product Photography

Models of FC01 Series

LED indoor grow light

Item Number: FC09A04R

Power: 320W

Light Bars: 4 bars

Dimension: 703*719*100 mm

PPF: 846 μmol/s

Efficacy: 2.7 μmol/J

Input Voltage: Standard AC100-277V, 277-480V Optional

Tailored for home and tent growing, and smaller-scale cultivation

320W Grow Light PPFD Distribution

320W PPFD in 30cm


320W PPFD in 45cm


320W PPFD in 60cm

vertical farming lighting

Item Number: FC09A06R

Power: 480W

Light Bars: 6 bars

Dimension: 703*719*100 mm

PPF: 1296 μmol/s

Efficacy: 2.7 μmol/J

Input Voltage: Standard AC100-277V, 277-480V Optional

Optimized for hydroponic vegetables and commercial cultivation

480W Grow Light PPFD Distribution

480W PPFD in 30cm


480W PPFD in 45cm


480W PPFD in 60cm

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Mini Dismountable Design

Design this MINI disassembly model 320W and 480W size can replace the market flat 6-head grow light panel. Disassembled models are undoubtedly superior to quantum boards in producing uniform light.

Efficient Packaging

It’s worth noting that the paper tube packaging employed has delivered a non-detachable 60% reduction in overall volume.

indoor plant grow lights
indoor growing lights

Innovative Mounting Method

There are a lot of similar models on the market, but their mounting method requires additional screws to be locked on each light bar where it snaps on. Our light bar can be installed directly by clicking on it.

Packing List

1 x LED grow light fixture
1 x power cord
1 x 3m signal wire
4 x adjustable rope hangers
1 x user manual

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