Are UFO Grow Lights Any Good?

UFO grow lights have become increasingly popular in indoor cultivation in recent years.

Their circular design and LED light sources give them various advantages, suitable for various indoor planting applications.

This post will assess the effectiveness of UFO plant lights. We will discuss their pros and cons, providing information on choosing the right one that suits your needs.

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What Are UFO Grow Lights?

Circular Design

The UFO grow light’s shape resembles a flying saucer, hence the name. The circular design effectively and evenly disperses light, ensuring that plants receive ample illumination throughout the entire growing space.

Heat Dissipation Design

UFO plant lights typically feature aluminum casings and heat-dissipation designs such as fans. These designs effectively dissipate heat from the LED chips, extending the lifespan of the fixture.

Selection of Different Wattages and Applications

UFO plant growth lights come in wattages ranging from 100W to 800W. Different wattages are suitable for various applications.

Seedling Stage: Plants in the seedling stage have low light requirements, making UFO plant lights below 100W suitable.

Flowering Stage: Plants in the flowering stage require higher light intensity, making UFO plant lights of 500W and above suitable.

Harvesting Stage: Plants in the harvesting stage have slightly lower light requirements than during flowering, making UFO plant lights in the range of 200W to 500W suitable.

Advantages of UFO Grow Lights

Indoor gardeners prefer it over traditional grow lights due to its advantages.

Outstanding Light Penetration

UFO grow lights utilize high-quality LEDs arranged in a circular pattern, ensuring uniform and efficient light distribution across a wide area. This eliminates common issues like hotspots and light gaps in traditional fixtures.


While the initial purchase price of UFO lights may be slightly higher than some basic grow lights, their energy efficiency and extended lifespan quickly offset costs.

Easy Installation and Use

Most UFO lights come with simple installation hardware and plug-and-play functionality, making them an ideal choice for beginners.

Space Saving

UFO lights are compact and lightweight. Their flat design optimizes space utilization, especially in narrow areas like grow tents or small greenhouses. This makes them an ideal choice for urban gardeners or those with limited space.

Potential Drawbacks of UFO Grow Lights

Limited Coverage Area

The circular design of UFO lights limits their coverage area compared to other types of grow lights such as linear LEDs or panels. This makes them less suitable for larger greenhouses or cultivation areas.

Functional Limitations

Not all UFO grow lights are created equal. While some high-end models offer dimming controls, adjustable spectra, and timers, lower-budget models may lack these advanced functionalities.

Light Spillage and Interference

The disc-shaped design of UFO lights can result in light spillage beyond the intended growth area. This may cause interference in shared living spaces or environments sensitive to excess light.

Are UFO Grow Lights Right for You?

Pros and cons exist in everything. The following analysis can help you decide whether UFO grow lights are suitable for you:

Plant Types

Different plants have diverse lighting requirements. Our UFO plant light comes in various wattages, suitable for growing tomatoes, strawberries, flowers, and other fruits and vegetables. Ensure the light spectrum and intensity align with the specific needs of the plants you intend to cultivate.

Growing Space Size

UFO lights are best suited for smaller setups. If you have a large growing tent or greenhouse, you might need multiple UFO lights or consider using other types of grow lights, such as multi-bar LED lights and grow light panels.


UFO lights come at different price points based on features and power. There’s a significant difference in the cost of a 150W light compared to a 500W one. Establish a realistic budget and prioritize features that are important to you.

Required Features

Do you need a timer? Dimming control? Adjustable spectrum? Consider features that would make your gardening experience more convenient, and then choose a UFO light that offers those functionalities.

Even with the UFO grow light, there are a variety of options to choose from. With careful consideration, you can find the perfect fixture to help your plants thrive!

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